Are Gel Mattresses any good

Are Gel Mattresses any good?

This is a great question. Are Gel mattresses any good? The short answer is YES! But let’s talk about why. Gel has become a staple in the mattress industry over the past few years for 2 main reasons

  1. Gel has a natural cooling effect. If you have a tendency to sleep hot you may find that cooling gel or gel memory foam can dramatically change this for you.
  2. Gel is a pressure relieving material that can help with several pressure point related issues.
  • Shoulder relief
  • Hip relief
  • Lower lumbar arch support

With so many functions it’s no wonder that Gel has become a favorite in the bedding industry. That is why Mattress Gallery Direct has several mattresses and pillows with premium cool Gel. MGD works with several local Chiropractors and Doctors to help their patients get a better night’s rest. Mattress Gallery Direct has several mattress stores in Franklin TN. Murfreesboro TN. and Smyrna TN. with over 40 different mattresses to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to a local mattress store near you and check out a new Gel mattress. Here is a great video about Gel

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