Purple Mattress Franklin TN

Purple Mattress Franklin TN.

We have had an influx of customers asking about the Purple mattress in Franklin TN. lately. It is no secret that Purple spends a lot of money on advertising and know how to get attention in the market. They are good at marketing for sure. However, at Mattress Gallery Direct we have researched and studied quality bedding for over 35 years and here is what we have found. Check out the Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECtZoKBgw7I&t=4s

The Core

  • The Purple mattress has to use a weaker core in order to squeeze such a thick mattress into a tiny box. The core of the mattress is where the heart of the support is and you want the best quality you can get. Mattress Gallery Direct has several mattresses with a firm support core you can check out in our Mattress stores in Franklin TN.

The Purple Stuff

  • The Purple Proprietary material is essentially a grid of Gel. Gel is a great material to have to alleviate pressure from the body. However, Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin TN. has found that the Grid form of Gel lacks the support that a solid piece of Gel can offer.

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