Scotty Living Celebrity by Restonic

Scott Living Celebrity by Restonic

Now this is some news we can deal with! Scott Living (The Property Brothers) have teamed up with Restonic mattress company to co-brand the most technologically advanced hybrid mattresses to date. Everyone claims to have the “best” but few ever live up to the claim. Let’s take a look at what Scott Living Celebrity mattress collection has done to deliver on their promise.

First, let’s start with the durability factor in these new Restonic mattresses. What makes a hybrid mattress more durable than another? It all starts with the coil system. The big problem is that there is no regulatory body that determines who gets to use the term “hybrid”. This has lead to much confusion about the topic. The crucial design feature in any real hybrid mattress starts with a robust individually wrapped coil. Wrapped coils are much different from their widely used predecessor, traditional spring unit, that offers little to no motion separation between partners and even less conformability to each user. A Restonic hybrid mattress is supposed to offer the ultimate in both of these areas and that is exactly what they do. In conjunction with Scott Living, they have developed the most advanced 5 zoned coil system for accurate spinal alignment. This technology is even recommended by chiropractors. On top of the 5 zoned coil system they add micro coil layering. These micro coils give you the comfort of foam with the durability of a coil. This unique design comes in a 3000-4000 coil count configuration, which bogles the mind.

Next, we move up to the comfort layers. This is an area that the Scott Brothers wanted to pay a lot of attention too. Their request was to have a cool service that would offer pressure point relief while maintained adequate support for everyone. This is why Scott Living Celebrity Euro Top & Plush models have Alumilast Memory Foam. The Aluminum additive works on a couple of different levels. First it adds a cooling sensation quite different than any other foam available. It is immediate and long lasting. It also allows the memory foam to have additional support not found in traditional memory foam hybrid mattresses. You really have to feel it to understand.

I’m sure at this point you are curious about where to find one of these Scott Living Celebrity mattresses by Retonic right? Well if you happen to live in Middle Tennessee you are not too far from experiencing a truly unique product by Restonic. Mattress Gallery Direct has 5 locations spread throughout Franklin TN., Murfressboro TN., and Smyrna TN. This allows us to service the entire Nashville area. We have the NEW Scott Living mattresses exclusively on display, and at some introductory prices. Each one of our Certified Bedding Specialists have been trained by our Sleep Science Coach and Myoskeletal Therapist to help properly fit you for the right Restonic mattress. Visit the Mattress Gallery Direct website for FREE Offers and Savings.

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