Stearns & Foster Murfreesboro Franklin

Hand Made Stearns & Foster Murfreesboro & Franklin

Did you know that Stearns & Foster Mattresses are still hand made? That’s right! They make them just like they did in 1846 when the company first started crafting luxury mattresses. Stearns & Foster has been a staple in the mattress industry and many homes of American consumers for over 175 years.

What gives them their staying power?

Stearns & Foster decided many years ago that they would hand craft the finest quality bedding without skimping on top materials. This decision has proven to be the driving force behind the mattress makers success. With inflation at an all time high, many mattress companies have lowered the quality of their products to reduce the economic impact on their retail price. Not Stearns & Foster. They won’t lower the quality no matter what. They do demand a premium for their hand made luxury mattresses however, they quality and long term durabilty out weigh the cost be a huge margin.

Where can I purchase a Stearns & Foster in Murfreesboro TN. or Franklin TN.?

Great Question! Mattress Gallery Direct is the top supplier of these wonderful mattresses in middle TN. We believe that quality is something that should never suffer. We want to make sure that our customers get more than their dollars worth with each and every Stearns & Foster product. So, if you are looking for a Mattress Store Near Me that sells the best, visit Mattress Gallery Direct. See you soon!

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