Best Mattress Store Murfreesboro Franklin

Best Mattress Store Murfreesboro TN. & Franklin TN.

This is the million dollar question. We often get asked “why are there so many mattress stores”? & “What is the best mattress store in Murfreesboro TN. & Franklin TN.”? I think we have the answer and can finally put this issue to bed. Pun intended.

Mattress Gallery Direct offers a truly unique experience in Murfreesboro & Franklin. We have been in business for 35 years and in that amount of time you learn a lot of things. We didn’t always have the answers. Starting out as a small family owned mattress store in middle TN., we were just like any other new company. We were just trying to figure things out. After spending so many years in the bedding industry and getting great feedback from our customers, here is what we have learned to make the shopping process easy.

  • Maintain A+ with the BBB. Customer service is a top priority at Mattress Gallery Direct.
  • Sell the Top Name Brand Mattresses at Discount Prices in Murfreesboro TN. & Franklin TN.
  • Partner with Local Chiropractors to learn about proper spinal alignment and Sleep Hygiene.
  • Offer same day mattress delivery in Murfreesboro & Franklin TN. We believe our customer shouldn’t have to wait for several weeks to enjoy a great night’s rest.
  • Non Commission based staff to ensure the best possible experience.

Those are just a few of the things we have learned over the years. We’re still learning and getting better each year. Feel free to stop by any Mattress Gallery Direct Murfreesboro TN. or Franklin TN mattress store near me to learn more about the #1 Family owned mattress store in middle TN.

Check out this video from Mattress Gallery Direct

3 Replies to “Best Mattress Store Murfreesboro TN. & Franklin TN.”

  1. We went mattress shopping over the weekend and hit all of the Murfreesboro mattress stores. Mattress Gallery Direct has great prices on Sealy mattresses. They were literally hundreds less than the other mattress stores. We bought a hybrid mattress and adjustable base. They delivered everything the same day and even disposed of our old mattress and box spring . We highly recommend Mattress Gallery Direct.

  2. After shopping at every mattress store in Murfreesboro TN., we went to Mattress Gallery Direct. It was a breath of fresh air to say the least. Rick helped us find a great mattress and box spring in a king size that was perfect for me and my husband. His back hasn’t been hurting in the morning since we’ve had the new mattress.

  3. We always buy our mattresses from Mattress Gallery Direct. Best mattress store in Murfreesboro! They have the best prices and customer service. We bought a Resort Collection mattress by Jamison the last time we shopped there. It has been a great mattress.

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