Franklin TN Mattress Organic

Franklin TN. Mattress Store Goes Organic

You may be wondering “What the heck is an Organic Mattress”? Great question! Mattress Gallery Direct spends a considerable amount of time researching the best quality Name Brand Mattresses. We have also noticed that the consumers interest in more Organic & Natural Mattresses have risen considerably in recent years.

So, what makes a mattress Organic or Natrual?

Several factors are at play when searching for a healthier mattress. First, is finding the mattress that has a non toxic fire retardant. The U.S Government requires all mattresses sold in the states to have a fire retardant barrier in the top of the mattress. The big problem with this is that most of these materials are highly toxic and very close to the body when sleeping. Mattress Gallery Direct recommends starting with this fundamental change.

Go Organic & Natural

Fortunately for concerned consumers their is an Organic & Natural option. The best we have found is an Organic Cotton & New Zealand Wool Natural barrier. This eliminates the highly toxic chemicals and gives you peace of mind. Englander Resort Collection mattresses use this Organic mattress material in all of their Resort and Black Label mattresses.

The next thing to consider when going Organic & Natural is the comfort layers in the mattress. Most foams are made with petroleum, which is a more toxic material. There is other options, however. Try Natural Latex Rubber or Soy Based Bio Foam. Good news! Mattress Gallery Direct Mattress Stores in Franklin TN. have these Organic & Natural Foam options as well.

Watch this Video about Englander Resort Collection Franklin TN. Mattresses that are Organic.

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