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What is the best mattress for Back problems? This is a great question.

There is a lot of misconception out there about which mattresses are best for back problems. Mattress Gallery Direct aims to clear these misconceptions up.

1st Misconception

  • Firm mattresses are better for back problems.

While this may be true for certain people, the firmness of a mattress has more to do with the comfort of that particular individual, rather than the back support needed. Many of our customers at Mattress Gallery Direct mattress stores in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna TN. have great results with medium and even soft mattresses. The reason is more complicated than just firm or soft. A mattress with a good supportive wrapped coil system can offer support at many comfort levels ranging from very firm to very soft.

2nd Misconception

  • Soft mattresses are bad for your back

Again, this goes back to the support unit you are sleeping on. If a mattress has an inadequate coil support system it will be bad for your back regardless of the comfort level. Mattress Gallery Direct works with several local Physicians and Chiropractors. We have a unique process to help you select the comfort you prefer and get the support you need.

Visit any of our 5 Mattress Gallery Direct locations to speak with a Certified Bedding Specialist. Our staff has been trained by top MyoSkeletal Therapists and Sleep Science Coach to help you select the perfect mattress.

3 Replies to “Chiropractic Mattress Murfreesboro TN. Franklin TN. Smyrna TN.”

  1. My Chiropractor told me about Mattress Gallery Direct. I had no clue which local mattress store in Murfreesboro would be the best, but he said they have specialty mattresses that are great for back issues. I went to the Saint Andrews location and met Lee. He was very informative and helped us pick out a great mattress. We have been sleeping great and have noticed significant improvement in our backs. If you are having any back trouble, go to Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro.

  2. My Chiropractor, Dr. Stanlick told me about Mattress Gallery Direct. I needed a new mattress that would offer more back support than my current one. I went in to check out a few mattresses and ended up getting a deal I couldn’t pass up. They has a resort grade Englander mattress on closeout for half price. Very pleased with my new mattress.

  3. Dr. Hines in Coolsprings told me about Mattress Gallery Direct. They helped me find a mattress that was firm enough for my back and soft enough for my hips. They did a great job. If you go there ask for Steve. He helped us out and was awesome to work with.

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