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How do I choose the right store to buy from?

That is a question we hear all the time.  It is very easy to find the best place to buy a mattress in your area.  I will give a couple of fool proof ways to know where to buy.  There are tons of resources online but it is hard to know who to trust.  Here are two examples of the most reliable:

  1. Better Business Bureau: It is true that businesses pay to be members but there are some misconceptions about how they work.  The first is that members can buy a better score or that members are scored higher.  That is not the case.  Members do not get preferential treatment during disputes.  Non members are not graded harsher than members either. 
  2. Google Reviews: Finding the store in your area with the most and highest reviews on Google is also a great place to look.  Google does not allow just anybody to publish a review.  A reviewer must have a google account and it has had to be active for a period before the reviews will be posted.  This is important because it cuts down on stores posting bogus reviews for themselves or about their competitors.

If you are not an internet person, here are a couple of tips for you to find the best place to buy a mattress.

  1. Word of Mouth:  Ask around to friends and relatives.  Most people are happy to recommended a company who has been a good one to deal with.  They will also let you know who not to do business with.
  2. Stores that have been in the community for more that a couple of years are also a good place to start.  Mattress stores that do not treat their customers right will not last in the competitive landscape that is the mattress industry these days.  There is too much competition. 

Keep this in mind when you think about purchasing online.  Most online mattress sales companies have not been around to have any record of service or quality of product.  Mattresses remain one of the few products that really is better to be purchased locally.

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