tempurpedic mattress protectors

Why should I buy a mattress protector for my new mattress?

You should always make sure that you have a good protector for your new mattress.  I will list some reasons why a mattress protector is a must and I will also explain the difference between a protector and a mattress pad.

Reasons why a mattress protector is a good idea:

  1. Warranty Protection:  All mattress manufacturers will void the warranty on a soiled mattress.  Mattresses are like a big sponge and when a liquid is introduced it can no be removed and the liquid will cause the foam to deteriorate. 
  2. Sanitary purposes:  Your mattress will just about double in weight after just 10 years of use.  This is caused by dust mite dander and the fact that we sweat several gallons of sweat a month.  The mattress will absorb all that sweat creating an unsanitary environment where bacteria and mold / fungus can grow.

A mattress protector and a mattress pad are two different things that are commonly that of as the same thing.  A protector should be thin and fit like a fitted sheet.  The design allows the protector the be easily taken off for cleaning and the thinness keeps the protector from altering the way the mattress feels.  A mattress pad is usually 1-4 inches thick.  This will significantly affect the feel of the mattress.  The pad is also not water proof so some liquid can reach the mattress.

Check out the review of the Legendaire Knights Armour mattress protector  on this site for information on one of the most advanced prtectors on the market.

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