Mattress In A Box; Score or Scam?

The million dollar question. What is the deal with all of these online Mattress in A Box companies? Is this just hype or is there anything to this whole new way to buy a mattress? We will get into this in detail in a minute but before we do lets consider one question. Why do consumers feel the need to buy an internet quick fix solution while bypassing the traditional methods of shopping in a local mattress gallery. One of the big reasons for this phenomenon is the disconnect between big box stores and consumers. Big box stores have made the mattress shopping process difficult for consumers which has paved the way for an influx of mattress in a box companies thrive. That is the bad news. The good news is that there is another way. You can always visit a local family owned mattress store to give you a fuller and more satisfying experience. Below I will list the differences in a local mattress store with real bedding experts vs. the fly by night mattress in a box business model. But before you check those out take look at this video

  • Local Mattress stores have many options / Online boxed mattresses sell a one or two size fits all. (A mattress is NOT a one size fits all solution. You need options to get the best fit for yourself).
  • Local Mattress stores train real bedding experts / Online stores have a watered down bedding selection process. (Shopping for a mattress is a hands on personal experience. Research is great but never a substitute for real hands on experience).
  • Local Mattress stores have a variety of brands, styles, and comfort levels to try in person before making such an important financial decision / Online beds are more of a fingers crossed experiment with the hassle of having to ship back if dissatisfied. (The dirty little secret of Mattress in a Box is that almost 40% of them get returned because of dissatisfaction over comfort and quality).
  • The best quality mattress found in a mattress gallery can’t fit in a box because the quality is too good to be able to smash down into a box / Mattress in a Box beds have to use weaker materials to be able to compress and ship very cost effectively. (Watch the video above for more detail on this).

These are just a few of the reasons we believe that you should always do your mattress shopping at a local mattress store with qualified bedding experts. Your sleep is nothing mess around with. We do understand that big box furniture and mattress stores have made the process considerably more difficult than just pressing a button to buy online. However there is so much more at stake here than just convenience during the shopping process. Once the decision is made you have to sleep in the bed you’ve made. (Pun intended) We strongly encourage you to find a local store in your area that has great customer service reviews and ratings. Check with your local Chiropractors for good recommendations on mattress stores that have well trained experts to help walk you through such and important process. We have five locations in Middle TN. to offer this kind of experience to our local community. We never want any of the members of our community to be driven to a gimmicky online shopping experience because of a lack of local resources.

Visit any of our locations at:

  • 132 Saint Andrews Drive Murfreesboro TN. 37128 615-896-0428
  • 2018 Medical Center Parkway Murfreesboro TN. 37129 615-867-0947
  • 7090 Bakers Bridge Road Franklin TN. 37064 615-764-0939
  • 790 Jordan Road Franklin TN. 37067 615-764-236-9877
  • 550 Sam Ridley Parkway Smyrna TN. 615-267-0086

Even if you don’t live in or around Nashville TN. we would love to help you in your search and be an invaluable resource. Everyone deserves a good nights rest. Check out the link on the home page to get 2 Free Mattress Starter Guides to help give you a big boost in your research and shopping process. If you ever have any bedding related questions give us a call. See you soon.

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