Online Mattress Sale vs. Mattress Store Near Me

This is the question I get day in and day out. “Should we buy a mattress online or buy from a local mattress store”? There are many different ways to look at this issue because there are both pros & cons to both. However, as a strong supporter of local business to support a local economy, I will do my best to present a clear cut case for why you should always buy a mattress from your local mattress store instead of an online store or even worse, mattress in a box brand. Below I will list the main reasons for shopping local. Remember: a mattress is like any long term investment. If you save a little on the front end you will pay BIG on the back end. Here are the pros for buying your next mattress at your local mattress store or mattress gallery:

  • Mattress stores have real tangible products to test in person. Nothing beats being able to touch and feel your options before making a buying decision. (Make sure you pick a mattress store or gallery with plenty of brands to choose from such as: Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Tempu-pedic, Englander Resort Collection, Jamison Custom Bedding Co., Wellsville Malouf, Magniflex, Legendaire, or any other high quality mattress brand on the market).
  • Local mattress stores tend to have better trained employees to help you find the right mattress. There is only so much information you can digest while researching on the internet. It’s always nice to have a real human-being walking you through such an important process.
  • Mattress stores usually have clearance, closeouts, sales, and all kinds specials for shopping local. Usually you can find a coupon for extra discounts on mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, and even sheets. That’s never a bad thing.
  • When you support a local mattress store near you, you are helping your local economy. The economy of the town you reside in needs the support of its residents to thrive. I know it is easy to hope online and shop in the comfort of your own pajamas but think of the difference you could make by simply finding the best mattress store in your area and giving them an opportunity to service your needs.
  • Local mattress companies will have real people to deal with if you ever have a problem with your product. You are more likely to have an issue with a mattress in a box brand than a reputable name brand mattress and box spring company that have been in business for many years. Imagine buying a mattress online and having an issue only to find out that the company is no longer in business. It baffles me to know that some people buy a mattress from a company that hasn’t even been in business long enough to know how long the product will indeed last. How can an online brand offer a 10 year guarantee but they have only been in business 2 years. This is not a smart investment in my opinion. Stick with a local mattress store that has been in business for many years and will most likely be around to service any issues in the future.

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